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Furniture Dismantling for Clients in Lewisham, London

Our highly trained team ensures that anything they dismantle is then reassembled to the same high standard
without the need for instructions. The team is fully equiped with all that is necessary for the job. We work to
achieve the Gold Standard.

Sofa, and Someone Moving a Mattress

Making Your Life Easier

Moving larger items such as your bed or wardrobe can be a real hassle. We are able to send a team of trained professionals that can efficiently dismantle and move your furniture without causing any damage. Our staff are also able to safely take out your windows for stress-free moves. The types of furniture that we move include:

Beds • Wardrobes • Cots • Sofas • Bookshelves • Cabinets • Antiques • Dining Tables • Pianos

Important Details 

As part of our easy dismantling service, we provide an assessment over the phone to find out the size of furniture that you have. No screws or nails are lost during the process and if your original ones are damaged, we can find you suitable replacements. All of our staff are fully trained to dismantle and reassemble any furniture without the need for instructions. We have our own power tools and equipment necessary for the job.

Prices Kind To Your Budget 

Your furniture is hardly ever the same when you dismantle and reassemble it. We take all of the stress out of moving and you are able to start living in your house straight away. We are straightforward with our pricing so you know exactly what you get and are not surprised by any extra hidden charges. Please note that specialist items are priced separately.

Contact our furniture movers in Lewisham, London, to obtain more details about furniture dismantling services.